GRT III trigger by Charlie Datuna + Gamo Hunter rifle


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8 Responses to “GRT III trigger by Charlie Datuna + Gamo Hunter rifle”

  1. Joe Myers Says:

    GREAT VIDEO ! Thanks for the effort.
    I just ordered my Gamo Whisper yesterday for plinking, then today I found out about the GRT-III trigger upgrade and ordered it. You video will be a usefull tool when installing it.

    Joe Myers

  2. Michael Scarboro Says:

    Here’s another great trigger.

  3. Mike Fernandes Says:

    Received my trigger today. Took all of 7 minutes to replace. Great trigger! This is like night and day. Fantastic action compared to the stock trigger in my Gamo Whisper. Well worth the investment.

    Thanks Charlie!!

    Mike Fernandes

  4. Dale Hallett Says:

    I just finished sighting in my gamo Whisper with the stock trigger to 1 inch grouping at 21 yards. Have a sore finger from this trigger.
    This morning I also sent for the GRT 111 trigger so I will write a report when I recieve and install this trigger. I am an avid squirrel hunter with a .22 and do head shots only. This will be a new adventure for me and hope it will be an exciting one. I was so glad to hear and read about your trigger as it seems to be the only bad feature about this air gun. Stay tuned for the outcome………thanks Charlie

  5. Dale Hallett Says:

    Got my trigger already and was a easy install. It is like day and night between the triggers. I am impressed with the difference. As for the Whisper,I am not impressed with the accuracy at all. The best I could do, even with the new trigger, is still 1 to 1 1/2 inch groups. Now I will have to try different pellets. I was using copperhead so maybe another pellet would do better. I would think at 21 yards you should be able to shoot at least 1/4 inch groups or am I expecting to much from this gun? Seem to get a few fliers with each group. Does anyone know of a pellet around 7-8 grains that I might try?………..Thanks Dale

    • airgun Says:

      Dale, try high quality pellets like JSB Exact, JSB Exact Heavy, H&N, Crosman Premier…

  6. jay freiwaldt Says:

    for accuracy, the pellets DO matter ! Try a heavier flat tip pellet. I’m not so impressed with the accuracy of gamo’s PBA’s, however, the GAMO lead pellets I bought in a four-pack are quite accurate. I’m seeing 1 1/2″ groupings @35 yds. and yes, I’m getting the trigger upgrade.

  7. luke Says:

    I’m wondering if it also work on my benjamin super strike? and woul the changing procedures had any differences?

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